April Team Meeting

You know its a Stella & Dot meeting when you find a pile of gorgeous Stella & Dot bags. I couldn't help it. This needed a picture!


Delicious treats at the team meeting; cupcakes, fruit, veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers, and of course champagne! We also had sparkling cider for the preggo ladies.


Gorgeous arm parties galore! I always enjoy seeing the combinations other stylists put together. It makes for great inspiration.

{Amelia + Libby}

Amelia is part of my "upline" (that means she is a leader on another team that I belong to). She is a Star Director with Stella & Dot, which is pretty high up there! Basically at the top! She's been doing Stella & Dot for six years now and has so much experience and knowledge to share.

Her and her hubby were in town for the weekend and she threw together a local team meeting for all her Stella & Dot babies who are in the Portland area. It was so much fun to get to see her and catch up and pick her brain! All of us leaders have different approaches to our business; it's one the things I love most about being a stylist! We are all different people with different goals and styles, but we all find success with Stella & Dot. I love comparing notes to see what works well for others, what they are focusing on in their business, where they are working to grow to, and of course what their favorite pieces from the collection are.

Amelia providing valuable training for the team! She went over more history about the company (I always learn something new!), her favorite pieces to style for summer, tips for growing your business strong over the next three months, and more!

Clearly we were a captive audience. I mean, she brought champagne.

{Similar Chair Hammock

We were all IN LOVE with this amazing chair swing at Courtney's house. It was way too much fun. I'm pretty sure if I had one I would spend all my time in it. 

Delicious cupcakes from a local bakery. A must have at all our meetings.


It is always so much fun to get together with everyone. I spend all week texting and chatting with them on Facebook, that sometimes I forget how long it's been since we've seen each other in person. Actually, there was a fabulous girl there that I didn't even realize I hadn't met in person before because I spend so much time talking with her on Facebook and praising her for how amazing she is doing! It wasn't until she said "nice to finally meet you" that I realized OMG - this IS the first time we've actually met in person! Because I feel like I know her so well and we are already best friends! It's crazy how many amazing people this business brings into your life and how you feel like you've known them for years. 



Insta Lately

Welcome to my instagram round up! Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love seeing all the cute pictures people post and looking back at the collections and feeds. Here are some of my favorites of mine from the past week or so.

{Shirt: Old Navy, Vest: Old Navy (similar), Jewels: Engraved Necklace, Rebel Pendant, Renegade Bracelet, Watch}

I have this thing about my arms. I don't know why. I figure we all have something we dislike about ourselves. But anyhow, I cannot wear a sleeveless shirt without a vest over the top. I feel like the vest makes my arms look better. It probably doesn't make sense to anyone else but me, but I am telling you - I will be wearing this vest ALLLLLL summer.

I went to a totally adorable baby shower last weekend for my friend Lisa. It was at this brewery in NE Portland, and the buildings around there were so beautiful! Look at the paint colors on this one? Generally I decorate my house in neutrals, but sometimes I secretly want to just go buy a bunch of bright colored textiles and paint and go to town! But then again, I change my mind on things so much that it's probably a bad idea to commit to a color that strongly.

So these are the party favors they had at the baby shower. HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE PLANT!!?? It has a space of honor next to my kitchen sink. It shall by my mission not to kill it. I accidentally drowned my last succulent. Did I mention I am horrible with plants?

I scored these Coach shoes at a sample sale. There is a little hole in the wall called Barbara Johnson and they have an entire wall of Coach shoes for around $50 a pair. The Coach sample size use to be a size 6, which fit me perfectly! But I guess they recently switched to a sample size 7, which is way too big on my little feet. I was so sad!! I went in to stock up and they had all these beautiful shoes and none in my size! But my loss is your gain. If you are a size 7 you should really go check them out!

{Shoes: Free People}

I had my eye on these shoes for a few months, and my super sweet parents picked them up for me as a gift. They are beyond beautiful in person. The detail on them is amazing and they are honestly the most comfortable flat I have ever worn. I love the pointed toe, which elongates your leg and makes you look taller. And bonus, the cute detailing up top vents air to your feet so you can wear them in warm weather without roasting!

Can't stop, won't stop. This bracelet combo is officially my favorite for summer. I am wearing it here with a pair of cute wedges I scored from Nordstrom BP last year and a little shirt dress from Target (also last summer). This may be my office uniform this summer.

{Pineapple Candle: Target, Necklace: Lotus Tassel Necklace}

I am still in the process of getting my office put together. Basically one half of it is set up with all my pretty furniture and jewels, and the other half has a guest bed thrown in there with random items piled around. Once it is all finished I will be posting pictures, but until then, check out how cute my desk is! Last winter at Stella & Dot Directors Summit we were gifted this beautiful autographed sketch from Blythe of the Lotus Necklace, which just so happens to be one of my favorite necklaces. This gorgeous picture has a special place on my desk. I love looking at it and knowing I am a part of something so wonderful!

{Bracelet: Wishing Bracelet}

My friends are teasing me, but I totally gave this to my accountant to thank her for working on my taxes. I guess you don't generally need to "tip" your accountant, but I just really appreciate NOT having to do my own taxes. Seriously, SO GRATEFUL. And I think it's sweet to surprise people with a special token of gratitude. I am sure most tax accountants don't get presents from their clients.

If you don't follow me on instagram, you can find me over here! Pop on by and say hi!



Portland Stella & Dot Summer Rally Meet Up

Last week the Portland area Stella & Dot stylists gathered for some good old fashioned fun, sparkle, and wine at World Class Wines in Lake Oswego. I'm pretty sure if you were walking within about a mile radius of this place you would have heard us laughing our hearts out and having a good time.

The meet ups are a highlight for us all for many reasons. It's so much fun to see all your business partners in person (finally! we text all week!) and catch up on all the happenings! And we totally spend a ton of time gabbing at these! But if I am being real, when we first walk in the door we usually all give each other a quick hug and RUN over to the table with all the jewels haha. Everyone wants to see the new pieces from the latest collection launch and figure out what their "must haves" are for their own display. And then after we have thoroughly examined everything, we go back to chatting more! But trust me when I say that we talked about this A LOT, and here is what we decided are the definite favorites of summer 2016.

Yes, we are ALL big fans of a good wrap bracelet. This one was specifically designed to give you the look of a cluster of friendship bracelets you've collected over the years and wrapped lovingly around your wrist. Friendship bracelets are a HUGE trend this year and something you will see everywhere! We have a similar version of this bracelet in bright blues as well, but this neutral palette version will take you through summer and all the way into the winter whites of fall!
Our jewelry is known for its versatility, and if you are a fan of any of our "three tricks in one" necklaces, you will go gaga for this. You can wear each chain by itself, or layered up like it is shown here. The beaded portion is very dignified and classic, while the shark tooth is perfectly edgy! Pair it with some ripped boyfriend jeans and graphic tee and you are set!

I have been grabbing this bracelet/necklace and wearing it almost daily since I got it. I LOVE the pop of color it provides, especially layered up with some chambray! I plan to be wearing this ALL SUMMER LONG. And at $39 its basically a no brainer. 

(Image via my instagram)

SUNNIES ($98 - $129)
WE HAVE SUNGLASSES!!! Like any good blogger, sunnies are a staple of my wardrobe. That - and I am super light sensitive so they are a must. I had no idea what to expect as far as quality when I first ordered them, but they did not disappoint! Our sunnies are made using hand poured frames (that's how designer labels like Prada, Chanel, and Dior make theirs), have beautiful detailing, and are extremely comfortable. I always loved the look of my Ray-Ban aviators, but man did those things hurt my face! Thirty minutes into wearing them and I would have a headache from the weight of them resting on my nose! But I have zero problems with these. They are fabulous!

We also spent tons of time visiting with each other, sharing our latest adventures, dreaming and setting goals for the future! It was so much fun to catch up with everyone! It also provided an opportunity for those who are interested in becoming Stella & Dot stylists to hang out with the tribe of us located here in Portland and ask any questions they might have! Two of my friends came out to join us and check out the situation, as well as many other lovely ladies. As a Director in the area, I did a little speech at the beginning about why being a stylist is so much fun and answered questions folks had. If you have questions yourself on being a stylist, you can check out my FAQ here!

All in all it was a totally awesome night and I am counting down until our next get together. I always feel so recharged and energized by spending the evening in a room full of amazing and motivated boss ladies!!



Friday Night Trunk Show

You guys I am SO EXCITED for today. It's Friday, I am spending the day at home snuggling my precious baby and playing with toys, and then later tonight all my besties are coming over for a TRUNK SHOW!!

So I get this question a lot - "what is a trunk show?". I know, it sounds kind of formal, but its really not.  Basically its a style session at your house. I come over with all the jewels, you put out some snacks and drinks, and we play dress up all night and shop. Or in the case of tonight, I am hosting one at my house and all my friends are coming over! I. CANNOT. WAIT. (I may or may not have been counting down to this for a few weeks because I just love seeing everyone...)

Growing up one of my favorite afternoon activities was to go to the mall with my girlfriends. We'd check out the latest styles, try stuff on, give each other fashion advice, and pick our favorites to take home. It was a ritual that helped us prepare for what life would throw at us and enter that world with confidence and happiness. There is just something peaceful, at least for me, about the ritual of getting ready and selecting your favorite adornments for the day. And there is something REALLY FUN about girl time and hanging out with all your favorite ladies chatting about whats been going on in life, what your future plans are, and picking out something pretty.

So if you need me later that's where I will be; in my kitchen, surrounded by fabulous women, playing dress up. I gotta admit - this job doesn't suck.



Summer Trends

{Necklaces: Eden Tassel, Eden Fringe, Costa, Wanderer, Lotus;  Bracelets: Voyager Cuff, Fete (gold), Wanderer, Sawyer Stone, Reina (bonus- also a necklace), Artisan Cuff, Fete (silver), Lola Wrap, Believe; Earrings: Eden Tassel, Arabesque Chandeliers, Adelaide Hoops; Rings: Claudia Stackable}

One of the first trends for summer 2016 that I spotted overtaking my Instagram feed, fashion magazines, reality television, and more is the TASSEL! It is EVERYWHERE. I am talking bags, shoes, purses, necklaces, bracelets, earrings; I've even seen them recently on shirts!

I would file this under a "bold trend". Now, that doesn't mean you can't wear it if you don't consider yourself a bold person. There are lots of ways to work in a "mini" tassel homage if you will. But it's definitely a little more out there than just wearing a trendy color. But with anything bold, even adding a little of it to your wardrobe can make your outfit instantly relevant and on trend.

One of my favorite things about jewelry and accessories is the way it can instantly change the feel of your outfit. You can wear the same shirt and jeans you were sporting this winter and instead of wearing a big oversized cardigan, swap that out for a light cargo jacket and a tassel necklace and you've basically made over your wardrobe! Presto!

Holler at me if you have any questions on how to rock this trend! And be BOLD! It's so much fun!




1. Meeting my up line for the first time; the fabulous Allison!
2. Attending the Directors Meetings with our CEO Jessica Herrin
3. Meeting Jessica for the first time. Basically I couldn't talk. I just kind of shook her hand and stood there smiling. Real cool Tegan.
4. On stage at Directors Day receiving my Heart of Leadership Star Award
5. Kicking off Hoopla with my team of Chic Executive Officers (the CEOs)
6. Walking the fashion show stage at HOOPLA as an Associate Director
7. Meeting our head of design, Blythe Harris, who has the best style ever!
8. Heading to the Directors Cocktail Party with my fellow directors on our team

So what is HOOPLA? HOOPLA is the annual convention for Stella & Dot Stylists. We receive training, the most amazing life coaching, attend a fashion show to see the new line of product, and dance our hearts out at the best events. This was my first year attending, since last year I was stuck in a three day training for my day job, and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing!

As a die hard academic, I was totally ready to rock my educational process at this conference with a fresh notebook, and arsenal of pens, and plenty of potassium/bananas in case my hand started to cramp up from all the writing. I was prepared for the training specific to my business; how to identify future stylists, how to train them to be successful, how to talk to people about their style (which often times is very wrapped up in how they feel about themselves in general and can be very emotional), and more. What I wasn't prepared for was the wealth of knowledge I gained about how to live a successful and happy life. I work by day in the STEM fields, and we have lots of trainings. Those trainings, however, are entirely technical. I have never once been to a training that focused on how to create a happier life for myself as part of my JOB. At HOOPLA, I received so much training on how to create goals for my life, how to go out and get what I want, how to see the positive in situations, and how to continue to grow as a person and business leader.

I wrote down lots of amazing things that have stuck with me since attending, but what I want to share with you now are some of my favorite takeaways from HOOPLA. And to be honest, none of these are really specific to my business. They are just wonderful nuggets that I hope will help you in your life as they have in mine.

What you focus on is what you create
 There is a lot of truth to how visualization and other exercises can help you achieve success. Actually creating an image of you reaching that goal and watching it play over and over in your mind really does help you get there. But the opposite of this is true as well; if you focus on the negative things you wish to avoid you will find more of them in your life. As someone who tends to be a bit of a worrier, this was HUGE for me. I need to spend less time focusing on all the things that can go wrong, and focus on all the things that can go right instead.

You will always have naysayers, but you CHOOSE if they sit in the front seat
Our CEO said this very powerful statement during one of her presentations. We've all got people in our lives who think our goals are crazy. "What is this thing you are doing now? You are selling jewelry? Why would you want to do that? Don't you have a degree and a job in engineering? Can't you do something with that?" Ummmm... why would I NOT want to do this? I had a moment when I first signed on to be a stylist where all I was hearing were the naysayers. In fact, I almost gave up that first month because I felt so beat down by it. But you know what, this was something I wanted to do for ME. I needed that time for myself to do something purely because I enjoyed it. It didn't have to make sense to anyone else but me, because it wasn't for any of them. I controlled where those naysayers sat and I took them from the front row and moved them all the way to the back row cheap seats.

 Things aren't going to happen when you choose
Ain't that the truth. Something I hear all the time is "now just isn't really a good time for me to do X". Well one thing I have learned over the past year or so is that the universe doesn't provide things at the ideal moment. In fact, I'm trying to think of any time in my life where something has just plopped into my lap and I've been like "oh, that's perfect timing". I signed up to be a stylist when I was overworked and out of energy at my previous day job. I then switched day jobs to a new, fabulous one when I was in labor. Like I was doing the job application when I went to the hospital to have my baby. And then I interviewed for the position (and got it) two weeks after giving birth. Was that the idea moment in time to be doing any of that? Absolutely not. But was it the most perfect job opportunity and am I beyond happy that I pulled my ish together and went for it? You betcha! Things don't happen on our schedule. You have to be ready to just bust out your lady balls and make things happen when the opportunity shows up.

True leaders don't create more followers, they create more leaders
I've worked with several kinds of people in my life, and by far the better of the group are the ones that actually want you to surpass them. They are happy and proud to teach you everything they know so that you can go on to soar and create something beautiful and successful in your own life. They aren't threatened by your success but instead proud of it! The best leaders in the industry are those that rather than ask you to follow them, will give you the tools and training to become your own leader.

Be open to learning something new
The most successful leaders I have seen are the ones that are constantly working to learn. They read books in their spare time to improve their craft. They ask for feedback so they can continue to improve their business processes and approaches. The worst thing you can do in any type of business or industry is remain stagnant and repeat something because it has "always worked before". It is so important to be flexible and willing to try new ideas so that you can continue to grow as business leaders.

HOOPLA was such an amazing experience for me. I learned a lot about myself and the person I want to be when I grow up (because I refuse to consider myself any version of "old" or "adult"). I also got to meet so many wonderful people in person (finally!) who have impacted my life from afar. I am already looking forward to all the amazing experiences I will have next year. And I can truly say that the experience has made me a better version of myself.