I still remember opening the Stella & Dot website for the first time and clicking on the "stylist opportunity" link. I had SO MANY QUESTIONS. And after helping many launch their new careers with Stella & Dot, I have found that many of my questions are the same others are curious about! So here are the FAQ. Still have a question? Let's chat about it! You can email me at tegan {dot} enloe @ gmail {dot} com.

What is Stella & Dot?

Stella & Dot is a jewelry and accessories line founded by Jessica Herrin. (Who by the way is a total boss lady! She's way inspiring!!) She started Stella & Dot as a way to give women an opportunity to design a life they love through flexible entrepreneurship.

Blythe Harris is the genius brains behind our designs. She has a super impressive resume, and an even more impressive team she leads! Our design team has worked at LVMH, Banana Republic, Kate Spade, and other fabulous places before joining Stella & Dot. Their designs are always amazing. So much in fact, that Stella & Dot has eighteen patents pending for the innovative design. Why would we need patents? Because our jewelry morphs. Like transformers. YOU ARE WELCOME.

What Does it Mean to be an Independent Stylist?

When you join Stella & Dot, you are an "independent stylist". This means you are your own business owner. You make your own hours, you work as much or as little as you want; you run your show! As an independent stylist, Stella & Dot provides a website you can use to take orders, access to our Stylist Lounge where they post trainings and resources, and the most amazing product!

Do I Have to Carry Inventory?

Nope! Because seriously - that seems like a A LOT OF WORK. As an independent stylist, Stella & Dot provides you the opportunity to purchase samples for display at shows and during personal stylings, but anytime someone orders from you they receive their product directly from Stella & Dot. This is wonderful because you don't have to track inventory, you don't have to invest into pieces to try and sell, and it just makes our lives so much easier!

Are There Monthly Sales Minimums or Quotas?

Ew! No! Not at all. This is YOUR business, so you work it your way and on your own schedule!

How Much Does it Cost to Start?

There are three different sign up options, but you can choose one that costs as little as $199. And to be honest, that is a really, really low start up cost for having your own business! Plus, the kits you select from when you sign up all come with free jewelry.

How Do I Find Customers?

This is probably the number one thing people ask me when they are looking to sign up! I think people have a lot of general angst around being a "sales person". But here's the thing; you don't want to be a sales person. I don't want you to be one either! Being a stylist is basically two things: 1) helping people find great jewels for their outfit through personal styling, and 2) helping people earn free jewelry from hosting. And seriously, who doesn't want to have their girlfriends over for a fun night and get free jewels on top of it! Okay, so there is probably someone out there who just hates having people over, but most of the time people are excited for some girl time and free jewels! And if not, just ask them for a referral. "So, do you know anyone who would want free jewelry??". That's basically it!

When you first sign up, we encourage you to find four people you know to host shows and get free jewels. Try and make them from different social circles so you meet new people at each one. Think a family member, a friend, your hair stylist, a neighbor, etc. This is how you get out there and meet new people! Being a successful business owner is NOT just about selling to friends and family. Think of it like opening a restaurant - would you only want to serve your friends and family? Or would you want to be open to business for everyone? This is the same! And you are going to meet those new people by getting out there and networking and by hosting those first few shows where you will meet new jewelry enthusiasts!

How Do You Make That Cash Money?

There are two ways to earn with Stella & Dot; 1) commission on what you sell, and 2) coaching commissions. Stylists make anywhere from twenty-five to thirty-five percent of what we sell in commissions. You can do this as a team of one (just you) or as someone who has an entire team of friends that sell with them! If you do build a team, then Stella & Dot will pay you a coaching commission based on how active your team is. The idea is that as their coach and mentor, you are available to help answer their questions and grow in the business.

Why Should I Join?

Ah yes, that is the most important question on here. Well, it really depends on what you want! It's a little hard for me to answer that for you because this business can mean a lot of different things to different people. Actually, it has meant a lot of different things to ME depending on what stage of my life I was in! When I first joined, I was looking for a fun way to get out and make more girl friends! I was working long hours at my day job and wanted something fun that was just for me! Later, when my husband I started our family, it was a way for me cover my loss of income from taking maternity leave. After seeing how this career has been able to flex with and change based on my needs, it has become even more important to me to share what I have learned and help others find this same kind of freedom. So if this is something you are even the slightest bit interested in doing, let's go for it!