Friday Night Trunk Show

You guys I am SO EXCITED for today. It's Friday, I am spending the day at home snuggling my precious baby and playing with toys, and then later tonight all my besties are coming over for a TRUNK SHOW!!

So I get this question a lot - "what is a trunk show?". I know, it sounds kind of formal, but its really not.  Basically its a style session at your house. I come over with all the jewels, you put out some snacks and drinks, and we play dress up all night and shop. Or in the case of tonight, I am hosting one at my house and all my friends are coming over! I. CANNOT. WAIT. (I may or may not have been counting down to this for a few weeks because I just love seeing everyone...)

Growing up one of my favorite afternoon activities was to go to the mall with my girlfriends. We'd check out the latest styles, try stuff on, give each other fashion advice, and pick our favorites to take home. It was a ritual that helped us prepare for what life would throw at us and enter that world with confidence and happiness. There is just something peaceful, at least for me, about the ritual of getting ready and selecting your favorite adornments for the day. And there is something REALLY FUN about girl time and hanging out with all your favorite ladies chatting about whats been going on in life, what your future plans are, and picking out something pretty.

So if you need me later that's where I will be; in my kitchen, surrounded by fabulous women, playing dress up. I gotta admit - this job doesn't suck.



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