Summer Trends

{Necklaces: Eden Tassel, Eden Fringe, Costa, Wanderer, Lotus;  Bracelets: Voyager Cuff, Fete (gold), Wanderer, Sawyer Stone, Reina (bonus- also a necklace), Artisan Cuff, Fete (silver), Lola Wrap, Believe; Earrings: Eden Tassel, Arabesque Chandeliers, Adelaide Hoops; Rings: Claudia Stackable}

One of the first trends for summer 2016 that I spotted overtaking my Instagram feed, fashion magazines, reality television, and more is the TASSEL! It is EVERYWHERE. I am talking bags, shoes, purses, necklaces, bracelets, earrings; I've even seen them recently on shirts!

I would file this under a "bold trend". Now, that doesn't mean you can't wear it if you don't consider yourself a bold person. There are lots of ways to work in a "mini" tassel homage if you will. But it's definitely a little more out there than just wearing a trendy color. But with anything bold, even adding a little of it to your wardrobe can make your outfit instantly relevant and on trend.

One of my favorite things about jewelry and accessories is the way it can instantly change the feel of your outfit. You can wear the same shirt and jeans you were sporting this winter and instead of wearing a big oversized cardigan, swap that out for a light cargo jacket and a tassel necklace and you've basically made over your wardrobe! Presto!

Holler at me if you have any questions on how to rock this trend! And be BOLD! It's so much fun!



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